SCORE Exchange

The Standing Committee On Research Exchange works on students’ exchange, so that a student from one country goes to another to do a research in modern labs and goes to hospital if necessary. SCORE was founded in 1986 as SCOEE (on Elective Exchange) where “Electives” were added to the normal range of clinical clerkships organized and then its name was changed to SCORE in 1998.


SCORE provides medical students from around the world the unique opportunity to participate in exceptionally rewarding and affordable clinical or pre-clinical research in a foreign country. Research projects organized through SCORE are designed to deepen medical student knowledge in the various fields of medical and clinical research. The possibility of taking part in research

abroad is intended to broaden medical students’ body of knowledge, and introduce them to different approaches to clinical investigation, medical education, health care, and ethical research standards. The maintenance of affordable exchange tuition insures that students from across the

world can participate without incurring a financial burden. Finally, SCORE continually strives to facilitate collaboration and partnerships between different medical universities, research institutions, and allied health students. According to the IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws, SCORE will under no circumstances discriminate on the bases of nationality, religion, race, sex, and social or political affiliation.


SCORE Projects


Research exchange projects are designed by the programme to host a foreign medical student for a defined period of time. A participating student is incorporated into a research team of their choice and participates in research under the direct supervision of a tutor. The student will be guided through the basic principles of research, such as literature studies, collecting information, scientific writing, laboratory work, statistics and ethical aspects related to their discipline. At the end of the project, the student will be expected to write a short essay about his/her results and achievements if possible.

The research exchange projects are specifically defined by their tutor, approved by the SCORE Supervisory Board, and listed in the IFMSA-coordinated database of the research projects of the participating country.

The duration of the research project and the language are specified in the description of the project. Usually the projects last 4 weeks .

The research exchange project is usually carried out in English , the language of the hosting country may also be used if specified. For better efficiency of the programme, the student can  choose the project in the field of medicine, which he/she has already studied at their home university. Previous research performed in the very field of medicine can also be sufficient, especially when the topic of the research project is not covered by the home curriculum. Home preparation and basic literature reviews about the topic of the project are also welcomed and encouraged.


Current universites available for Exchange :

  • Khartoum University.
  • AlNeelain University.

Current exchange projects :

Available on IFMSA database projects OR see