Sudan , the Country

Brief about sudan
Formal Name: Republic of the Sudan (Jumhuriyat as-Sudan).
Short Form: Sudan.
Term for Citizen(s): Sudanese.
Capital: Khartoum.
Other Major Cities: Omdurman, Khartoum North, Port
Sudan, Kassala, Al Ubayyid, and Nyala (according to decreasing size, 1993 census).
 Sudan gained independence from the United Kingdom and Egypt on January 1, 1956.

Climate: The climate varies from tropical wet and dry seasons in the South to arid desert in the North. Annual temperatures vary little at any single location. The rainy season is April to November.
Natural Resources: Petroleum and agriculuture. The country also has small deposits of chromium ore, copper, gold, iron ore, mica, silver, tungsten, and zinc.
Time Zone: Local time in Sudan is Greenwich Mean Time plus three hours.

Currency : Sudanese pound SDG

Total Area: 1,886,068 km2

Population : 30,894,000 ( 2008 census )

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Why sudan ??

what better than getting opinions of real  travelers and exchange students :)

Safety . Is Sudan Safe??

1. being unsafe is really untrue regarding khartoum,  Moving around though is very safe especially in Khartoum and North Sudan, maybe a bit harder in west and south.the people and safety are the most thing you will feel if you are in khartoum. copied

2. According to the locals yes...I had no problems here and I stick out like a sore thumb also. I think compared to other parts of the world, your chances are pretty good here of going home in the same condition you came .  Sudanese do not consider  abusing forigners  as it does not represent them or Islam for that matter. If you are going to be killed by something in Sudan it is most likely kindness. Spend a few minutes standing out on the street waiting for a cab and chances that a local will approach you and ask in broken English or guesture to you , if you are ok are enoromous. copied

3.People here often ask me what I'd heard about Sudan before I came...war, drought, famine, terrorism, extreme heat and desert was pretty much it. Well, it is all true in a way...yes, there has been a war in the south for decades, and tribal conflicts in sum parts of the east and west; yes, there are hungry people in areas where the crops have failed or where food cannot be transported, but there is more than enough food to be had in other parts of Sudan; yes, you hear of  terrorists in Sudan, but you'll find many more terrorists in London than you will here; yes, it is hot and  there is desert, but there are also mountains, rainforests, savannahs, coral reefs etc... copied


How About people ??

1.While Sudan always had its ups and downs - and it was a real rollercoaster ride! - one thing remained constant: the overwhelming friendliness and incredible hospitality of the Sudanese people. copied

2. Sudan does seem to have a monopoly on one thing, and that is hospitality. The Sudanese are incredibly friendly and welcoming to foreigners, and while that sounds like a huge generalization, I have to testify that it is true...everywhere you go, people invite you to drink tea, take rest, eat lunch, stay the night, is amazing how some of the poorest people on earth are some of the most generous.! copied

3.we were walking around the Royal City of Meroe, and a group of schoolgirls were also there. One of the girls ran after me and offered me candy from a plate -- just to be hospitable, because I was a guest in her country. This happened to me over and over again in Sudan. It is just an amazing place full of incredibly hospitable people . copied