The Exchange program

how to apply !

  • first contact your LMO ( university ) Score Team and ask about the exchange distribution period and procedure and apply before the deadline.
  • Ask if your country have contracts with Sudan , if not , Ask them to sign one ;)
  • your local officer in your university will help you finish your application.
  • looking forward to see your applictaions and have you in Sudan :)

Scientific program:

Two Active member organizations:

1. Khartoum University. ( KMSA - Khartoum Medical students Associations )

the Exchange program will be carried in one of the universty's following Research centres :

  •   Inistitute of Endemic Diseases.
  •   Mecetoma Research Centre.



                       University of Khartoum ( U Of K )


The University of Khartoum (formerly shortened to U of K) is a multi-campus, co-educational university located in Khartoum. It is the largest and oldest university in Sudan. U of K was founded as Gordon Memorial College in 1902 and established in 1956 when Sudan gained independence. Since that date, the University of Khartoum has been recognized as a top university and a high-ranked academic institution in Sudan and Africa.

It features several institutes, academic units and research centres including Mycetoma Research Center, Soba University Hospital  Institute of Endemic Diseases and U of K publishing house. The Sudan Library, a section of the university's library, serves as the national library of Sudan.

for more informations visit :




                        Institute of Endemic Diseases

The Institute of Endemic Diseases was established in 1993 as a research and training center on endemic diseases. It acts as a platform for medical research in the University of Khartoum. Community service is an ever growing objective, especially for remote communities.

The Institute of Endemic Diseases endeavors to be one of the leading research and training institutes on endemic diseases worldwide.


projects carried by the inistute are on Malaria , Lieshmania and Genetics :

As follows :

1. GIS and epidemiology of Malaria in Sudan. Ongoing. (Dr. Ibrahim Elhassan).

2. Clinical and immunological characterization of Tropical spleenomegly syndrome in Sudan. Ongoing. (Dr. Ibrahim Elhassan).

3. Humoral and cellular immune responses to Malaria vaccine candidates. Ongoing. (Dr. Ibrahim Elhassan).

4. Impact of malaria-Helminthes co infection on clinical and immunological immune responses to malaria. Ongoing. (Dr. Ibrahim Elhassan).

5. Genetic Susceptibility to Visceral Leishmaniasis: Comparative Studies in India, Sudan And Brazil (Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim-Co-Applicant). 2007- Ongoing


6.Genetic Diversity and Susceptibility to Malaria. Part of the Biomalpar Consortium Funded by the European Union. (Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim). 2004-ongoing

7. Genetic of Cancer (Colorectal, Breast, Cervical). Ongoing –(Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim)

8. Genetics of Asthma – 2008-on going –Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim. Funded by Ministry of Higher Education.

9. Y chromosome and mitochondrial genetics markers and their role in shaping the current ethno-geographical picture of Sudan. Ongoing (Prof. Ibrahim).

10. Genetics of Migraine. 2007-ongoing (Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim)


11. Screening of known cytokine, nitric oxide and complement receptor one genes polymorphisms in Sudanese from malaria endemic areas. 2007-Ongoing. (Dr.Hiba Salah-Eldin Mohamed) Supported by Biomalpar and University of Khartoum.

12. Functional genomics of visceral leishmaniasis -2007-Ongoing.. Supported by Royal society-Pfizer award. (Dr. Hiba Salah-Eldin Mohamed)
13. Molecular characterization and taxonomy of Sudanese Leishmania parasite using different molecular and genetic markers. Ongoing. (Dr. Sahar Mubarak Bakhiet).

14. Immune response to Leishmania parasite in different clinical forms of Leishmaniasis. Ongoing (Dr. Sahar Mubarak Bakhiet).

15. Biomarkers of Tuberculosis and its application in the diagnosis of the disease. Ongoing (Dr. Sahar Mubarak Bakhiet).

16. Monitoring of anti Leishmania antibody responses for early diagnosis and prognosis of Visceral Leishmaniasis (Dr.Sahar M Bakhiet)

17. Oral pathology Professor Ahmed M. Elhassan and Dr Imad EL Emairi. ongoing .


The Institute has two well established and fully equipped research and primary health care facilities in remote areas of the Eastern Province (600 Km southeast of Khartoum.  The centres are run as service to the community, a field research station for the Institute and a training facility for graduate and undergraduate students.

the Exchange program in the institute include major field trip to prof Ahmed M.alhassan centre. a well known modern research centre in AlGadarif state, Doka, Endemic area of Lishmania and malaria  including 4 working days ,  organized by the inistitute.

 Months available : all months.

For more informations about the inistitute and all mentioned projects please visit :


                       Mycetoma Research Centre/ MRC


The Mycetoma Research Center (MRC) was established in 1991 under the umbrella of the University of Khartoum. It was set up at Soba University Hospital to provide an integrated high quality medical care for Mycetoma patients, superb research and excellent education and teaching in the various aspects of Mycetoma. The center is recognized globally as a world leader and an authoritative advisor in Mycetoma management and research.

ongoing researches provided by the Centre :

   1.The Clinical Aspects of Mycetoma
     Principal investigator: Prof. A.H. Fahal

2.      The Immunological Aspects of Mycetoma
Principal investigators: Dr. A.O. Ahmed, Prof. M.M. Mukhtar

3.      Immunopathology of Mycetoma
Principal investigator: Prof. A.M. EL Hassan

4.      Mycetoma Imaging
Principal investigators: Dr. M. M. A Bagi, Prof. A.H. Fahal

5.      The Effects of Mycetoma on Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics of Antifungal Drugs
Principal investigators: Dr. S. S. Mohamed, Dr. A. B. Mutasim

6.      Genetic Susceptibility in Mycetoma
Principal investigators: Dr. H. Salah, Prof. M.E. Ibrahim

months available :

for more information about the Myecetoma research please visit their website :



2.AlNeelain University (NMSA AlNeelain Medical Students Assciations)


                              AlNeelain University

Al-Neelain University is a public university located in Khartoum, Sudan. It was founded in 1955 its now recognized as one of the top universites in medical sciences and medical researches .


               AlNeelain Mediacl Research Centre AMRC



Al-Neelain Medical Research Centre was established in 2004 under the umbrella of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Al-Neelain University.
The main objectives of the centre are:To establish an excellent centre for research in the different fields of medicine and science.
To collaborate with other national, regional, and internationally recognized research centers.
To help in the routine service in the different fields like immunology, hematology, and cytogenetics.
The centre consists of four departments: Molecular biology, Immunology, Cyto-genetics, and Hematology. The centre’s laboratories are equipped with very advanced equipments such as ABI301 Genetic analyzer, Real time PCR, Flow cytometry, and Fluorescent microscope.

AMRC is providing advanced diagnostic services in many fields including Karyotyping (chromosomal analysis). Furthermore the centre is representing a very good environment for postgraduate students from different disciplines to carry out their research using the advanced facilities available in the centre.

for more information visit their website :


on going projects of the centre :

1.Fansidar resisistance and molecular etiology.

the research focuses on the epidemiology of drug resistant malaria. The project has already started and it involved a clinical part and lab work but the clinical part of the project has already been done so the students are expected to participate in the laboratory work at the molecular biology department. In addition the clinical practice for the students will be met through visits to the Tropical medicine specialized hospital in Khartoum.




                                 Social program


Our Unique social program will give you the chance to tour and have special moments all around khartoum as well as help you to have a  weekend trip to any city of your choice ;)

Around Khartoum :

  • Nile Trip, Nile Cruise and water skii games

  • Museums : National museum , Palace Museum , National history Museum ,


  • Umderman city , Traditional markets and Whirling Dervishes Dancing



  • camels Market , Traditional and modern  Resturants , events , weddings & festivals :



Accomdation & boerding :



  •  Students hostels

Boerding :

  • Two meals per Day

Formal & non Formal Tips ;)


Formal tips :

  •  All travelers arriving in Sudan needs to be Registerd at the Aliens Office . Registeration  needs ( 2 photos , your passport  and  fees equlas around 30 U$ )

           p.s : Registeration is an official prossess done by the government to hold Records  of current travellers in Sudan

  • Travelling to another city out of Khartoum e.g Merowi pyramids needs official permission document. the permission is FREE but it needs ( 1photo , your Registration , 4 photocopies of your passport )
  • p.s : you will be accompanied and helpt with both by your contact persons :)


Non Formal Tips :

  •  If your Exchange in summer ( from April to October ) its preffaired to bring light and white clothes , because our summer is Hot and sunny.
  • If your exchange in winter ( November to March ) you better bring warm clothes for the night , although at day it can be moderately warm , it gets colder during the night.
  • About outfits: For girls : shorts and skirts that are too short above the knees are not very acceptable , since its islamic country , to avoid any inconvinience , try not to dress over the knees in  public :) , indoors and closed parties you are free ;)

                             For Boys : Boys usually tend to cover more than girls , so you are safe :)

  •  u can take photos , but be careful if u take photos for homeless individuals or Government buildings ;) a sudanese fellow with you can save you all the troubles :)
  • The Accomdation provide you with sheets, but u can bring your own if u want.
  •  Electricty in sudan is 230volts at 50 hrtz. outlets in the hostels accept the two round pins plug, if your devices are in diffrent shape you may need a blug adapter , but in case u forgot , dont worry you can buy one or always find a Sudanese friend to borrow ;)
  • There are water filters and coolers in the hostels and campus , if u feel weired stomach at any point, u can drink bottle water till u improve:)
  • If u need any change urgently in your room, ask your Lore to help you with it.
  •  we will provide you with a sudanese simcard for your phone , just make sure your phone dont have a lock and accepts other simcards before u come.
  • there is wireless internet in the khartoum hostels , setted as Default. if it wasnt convientely fast , use internet cafe in the campus .
  • U$ = 3.5 SDG / Euro = 4 SDG .. yet it changes constantly.


Learn sum Arabic words :)


Hello : Salaam Aliakum

how are you : Kaif Alhal

am good : tamam !

my name is : ana ismy ..

am from : ana min ..

can you please ? : mumkin law samahta ?

thank you : shukran

water : Moya

tea: shai

bathroom : hammam

can i have one bottle water please ? mumkin law samahta wahid moya

can i have a cup of tea : mumkin law samahata wahid shai

i want to go to : ana  a'ayz amshi ..


one : wahid         two : itnain        three : talata        four : arba'a

five : khamsa      six : sitta           seven : sab'a    eight : tamanya

nine : tis'aa     ten : ashara.

i love sudan : ana bahib Sudan .


for other nonformal words u can ask me when u get here ;)




Read about Sudan .

  • Trail Guide to North & South Sudan ( newest Edition after South Sudan Independence . Blake Evans, Pritchard Violetta Polese

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